The Yummy & Healthy Way To Treat Your Pet!


Kritter Kookies bakery began in 1992 with the idea of developing an all natural, nutritious pet treat with no preservatives, additives or flavorings. Thus became the birth of Smackin’ Snax pet treats. They are not just for dogs. Any protein eating animal such as cats, ferrets, pigs, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, rats, birds, fish, chinchillas, etc. love them too. Only the best quality and top of the line ingredients are used in our recipe. Fresh human-grade chicken liver, whole grain wheat, oat and rye flour, rice flour, wheat germ, canola oil, eggs and nutritional food yeast. The flours and wheat germ are from Bob’s Red Mill and Wheat Montana. They are oven baked and then dehydrated to preserve freshness for well over one year from their bake date. One recipe with various shapes to accommodate many size pets.

In the “Collins Guide to Dog Nutrition”, Dr. Collins calls liver “nature’s mystery food” because pets have made miraculous recoveries from accidents and illnesses after being given small daily amounts. Finicky or sick pets on a specific daily diet can be enticed to eat by mixing Smackin’ Snax sprinkles with their food. Dr. Collins concludes that there is no mystery in the fact that liver contains more nutrients than any other single natural pet food source available.

Smackin’ Snax treats are available at various retail, veterinary and pet service businesses nationwide. Check our website for an updated list at On the “Order Now” tab on our website, you will see all the different shapes/sizes of Smackin’ Snax treats. Special shapes are available for the holidays. And don’t forget your pet’s birthday. Surprise them with a Happy Birthday cake kookie. Special orders can be placed by calling the Kritter Kookies bakery.

“When you give your pet Smackin’ Snax treats they are getting a complete protein treat. If you are in a pet-friendly business, Kritter Kookies bakery makes a sample treat pack imprinted with your company contact information on the back label, which is great for advertising.

We take baking for your pet to heart 

Lucy Gladhart – President of Kritter Kookies